Automation in Secondary Packaging – How Praxis Uses Robotics


At Praxis, there is a constant push to be on the leading edge of innovation in primary and secondary packaging. One of the recent automation innovations to Praxis has been the addition of several Baxter “pick and place” robots from Rethink Robotics. These robots have allowed Praxis to automate many steps in the packaging process. […]

Recycling Report 2015 – Praxis Packaging

Praxis was able to recycle nearly 2,000,000 lbs of corrugate and office paper in 2015. Praxis has made a conscious effort to value recycling and sustainability. Praxis’s recycling efforts have lead to an increase in materials recycled every year – an increase of 200,000 lbs since 2012. The most important thing for recycling paper is […]

3 Reasons You Should Be Using a Contract Packager


Using a contract packager is a popular option for many companies that don’t want to spend the time or resources on packaging the product in-house, most packagers have Overweight Permits, this is a great idea specially because packaging companies will have the necessary materials to protect your products, including the best Light Duty Clear Plastic […]

The Rise of Sustainable Packaging

In the past decade, sustainable packaging has become less of a niche and more of an industry standard. Adopting sustainable packaging practices offers a huge marketing advantage in the contract packaging world. By adapting these practices, organizations can gain a huge marketing advantage over competitors. Traditionally, being able to talk to current and prospective customers […]

Why You Should Focus on Quality Over Quantity


The old adage of quality over quantity has stood the test of time and still holds value in today’s ever-changing business landscape. Brand loyalty, reputation and sustainability all hinge on an organization’s ability to provide a quality product or service. While the spread of exceptional or neglected quality culture can reach far beyond these few reasons listed, the importance […]