Innovation and the Role Automation Played in 2015

2015 was a year of change for Praxis Packaging in the innovation arena. With a recently promoted Director of Technology and the guidance of leadership, Praxis took concrete steps to establish themselves as innovative contract packaging experts. 2015 saw an addition of 10+ automated collaborative robots, called “Baxter.” The co-bots were provided by Boston based robotics […]

Examining Coca Cola’s New Packaging Design

Beverage giant Coca-Cola recently announced a new packaging design that will look to unify the look of their core trademark brands: Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Life and Coca-Cola Light (Diet Coke). The launch will cover 13 countries – including the United States, Spain and 11 markets in the European region. The purpose? According to the Coca-Cola website: […]

Nailing the Product Launch (3 Considerations)

The initial stage of a new product launch can be a make or break point in the product life cycle. A new launch is less of a single point in the process and more of a multi-step plan. A strong, memorable impression in the consumer’s mind will lead to increased awareness, trails, purchases and eventually […]

Future Packaging – What’s in Store?

future packaging

In the Past The world of packaging is always changing. Each year, packaging priorities can shift.To look where future packaging is headed, let’s turn the pages back.  Look at packaging in the 1950’s – The United States was recovering from World War II and the lack of resources reflected that. Ray Kieser from Packaging News said […]

Bottling for Generic Pharmaceuticals


Bottling and Blister-Packs Tablet filling and bottling is a fine art – one that has to be refined and perfected to guarantee accurate and compliant results every time. For a large portion of Rx and OTC packaging today, blister packs are widely held as the superior choice when compared to bottles. Blister packing pharmaceutical drugs offers […]