3 Reasons You Should Be Using a Contract Packager

Using a contract packager is a popular option for many companies that don’t want to spend the time or resources on packaging the product in-house, most packagers have Overweight Permits, this is a great idea specially because packaging companies will have the necessary materials to protect your products, including the best Light Duty Clear Plastic Sheeting. Packaging companies are experts in the packaging field. Their equipment, training programs and technology are all narrowly tailored, yet flexible enough to fit any packaging need. When contract packagers focus on the packaging, it allows the sourcing company to focus on what they do best. This specialization allows the process to be faster, more specialized, and cost-effective. The list below will detail various benefits of using a contract packager versus an in-house operation.


Many manufacturing operations can offer some variety of packaging options, but it’s usually pretty limited in capability.  In most cases, packaging/production space is a major restriction. Many businesses don’t have the space to implement clam-shell & blister packaging machines, or even conveyors. When a contract packager is used, many more options instantly become available. Additionally, the space that would be used for packaging in an in-house operation can be redirected toward that company’s specialty. Even if space isn’t any issue, contract packagers can find tailored solutions to fit each client or customer. In many scenarios, no two customers are the same. When a contract packager is used, a greater range of packaging possibilities can open the door for previously unavailable opportunities. This means new clients!

Speed to Market

Contract packagers are masters at getting a product into the market quickly and efficiently. In most scenarios, a packaging company’s decisions are made to improve cost-effectiveness, speed to market and efficiency. When a contract packager is added to the supply chain, they are already prepared to get the product into the market as efficiently as possible. They are able to do this by having the production space and “know-how” needed at a moment’s notice. By doing this, sourcing companies can reduce lead time and move inventory in a timely fashion.


Professional packagers have everything needed to get your product into the market fast. Forgo the expensive acquisition of new equipment, production facilities, employees, technology and training, and let a contract packager help you. Due to the flexibility of contract packagers, your change in production needs won’t have an effect on the ability of a seasoned packager to effectively get your product on the market. You are able to use them as a resource without paying for facilities, staff, technology or training. This will reduce research and packaging development costs, as well.

In short, investing in a contract packaging partner will reduce costs, add flexibility and increase speed to market without compromising quality.

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