4 Quick Tips About Promotional Packaging

The purpose of promotional packaging is to enhance the product image and advance the brand. Promotional packaging is often used as part of a new product launch. During the launch, it is crucial that all moving pieces of the campaign work together to deliver the best possible experience for the end user. The goal, besides increased brand awareness, is to lead the consumer to a product trial and eventually form a brand loyal relationship. The actual packaging on the promotional item has to perfectly utilize the product surface, size, shape and material in order to leave the most memorable impression in the consumer’s mind.

Promotional packaging should be:


Keep relevant product information the focus. Promotional packaging should avoid complex or elaborate advertising. Avoid clutter. Advertising that distracts from the product can lead to consumer confusion, which then leads to poor product performance.

promotional packaging


Product campaigns can extend further than the promotional packaging. Choosing a single theme that works across many channels and platforms will increase brand visibility and reduce consumer confusion.

“Brand consistency is part of building trust.  Why do you always buy the same brand of milk or the same brand of pens? Because it’s predictable. You know what to expect and you know you will like the outcome.”

Beth Pop Nikolov @ Venveo


In a new product launch, you only have a split second to make an impression in the consumer’s mind. The purpose of promotional packaging is to draw the consumer in. If the packaging is dull, it’s probably going to miss the mark. The packaging can be bold, elegant, down-to-earth, bald, casual, or humorous – it all depends on who is being targeted. There is no perfect recipe for all consumers, but one constant is the need for intrigue.

promotional packaging

Well Timed

Timing just isn’t the right place at the right time. Timing is ensuring that all aspects of the launch are on-schedule and ready for implementation. Timing is also having the foresight to realize that if certain aspects of the launch aren’t ready, the plug may need to be pulled to avoid a much larger problem.

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