Bitmojis: Praxis’ fun, innovative solution to consistently reminding employees about Quality & Workplace Safety

Praxis has taken an innovative and positive approach to help employees with everyday safety and compliance standards.  What started out as an idea focusing on a long time Praxis employee and his knack for friendly reminders, has evolved into a program of employee engagement and celebration of diversity.  Following in the footsteps of “Compliance Dan”, Praxis has used many common, yet important safety and procedure related reminders throughout all areas of the facility.

These ‘talking heads’ started out of a general, random representation of our teams and quickly drew so much attention that employees can now enter for a chance to become the next bitmoji.

“It’s a great way to showcase or diversity and culture, yet draw attention to the importance of workplace Safety and Quality, our top two priorities”, says Scott Hanmer, Senior VP.  “All teams are really involved and supportive of this approach, taking what may sometimes be repetitive reminders and turning them into a positive reinforcement.”

These talking heads can be seen throughout the plant, from the front office and plant entrance, to the Human Resource department and production floor.  Employees routinely relocate them and add new ones to the mix to keep items current and noticed.  You never know where the next one will show up!