Bottling for Generic Pharmaceuticals

Bottling and Blister-Packs

Tablet filling and bottling is a fine art – one that has to be refined and perfected to guarantee accurate and compliant results every time. For a large portion of Rx and OTC packaging today, blister packs are widely held as the superior choice when compared to bottles. Blister packing pharmaceutical drugs offers several advantages, such as:

  • Better seal from outside factors, leading to a longer shelf life
  • Easy to use – also easier to keep track of amount consumed
  • Design flexibility
  • Safer than child-proof bottles according to this article

Contract Bottling – The Advantage

However, bottling still holds an advantage in the generic drug manufacturing world. There are a wide variety of products that can be bottled: vitamins, beverages, food products, nutraceuticals, generic drugs and much more. Praxis not only offers bottling/filling, but everything else down the packaging stream. Praxis has the ability to bottle, seal, label, code, carton and pack out – all with absolute detail to quality and conformance. Speed to market, compliance and cost effectiveness are all important factors when choosing a contract packager, especially when choosing a primary contract packager.

Professional contract packagers have everything needed to get the product into the market fast. Forgo the expensive acquisition of new equipment, production facilities, employees, technology, training, and let a contract packager help you. Due to the flexibility of contract packagers, your change in production needs won’t have an effect on the ability of a seasoned packager to effectively get your product on the market. You are able to use them as a resource without paying for facilities, staff, technology or training. This will reduce research and packaging development costs as well. You can read the reviews over at Platforms and Ladders about the benefits of using these equipment in the production facilities.

Additionally, when choosing a contract bottling partner, it is important to ensure reputation and experience. Praxis has both.

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