Diversity Spotlight: Congratulations to the graduates of our Basic & Intermediate ESL course!

Please congratulate our members on the successful completion of their respective ESL courses! Students in the Basic and Intermediate courses graduated last Friday, November 2nd, 2018.

After receiving high interest in ESL courses on campus, Praxis partnered with the Literacy Center of West Michigan to offer free ESL courses for our members to take. Members enrolled in the courses learned vocabulary and gained knowledge that benefit them in and out of work.

Beginning Mid-June, students in the Beginners course met twice a week with Lisa Miller, the instructor from the Literacy Center. Because many of our members had just immigrated to America, their English skills were considered Pre-Beginner. Lisa opted to teach them a pre-literacy lesson plan that consisted of our members learning the alphabet, colors, and counting numbers. As the course went on, they progressed to forming basic sentences and matching basic phrases with pictures. After laying down the basic foundation, Lisa integrated ‘Customized Work English’ lessons into some of the sessions, which tied in topics relevant to Praxis. Students learned vocabulary related to things such as PPE, Emergency Response Procedures, Tools & Machines, Injuries, asking for help, and their Job Descriptions.

The Intermediate course followed similar topics, however the teaching style was more advanced. Students in this course made their own role plays, created full sentences with moderate level vocabulary, and were asked to answer comprehension questions after doing some light reading. Other topics included Explaining problems, Skills for on-the-job Training, and following/explaining Work Instructions.

Students in the Advanced course are currently meeting once a week, for a total of thirty weeks. Students in this course are tasked with taking Lisa on a tour of the plant. While on the tour, they will talk about the machines that are used at Praxis, and will explain their job functions to her. At the beginning of each class, Lisa gives them a random topic to talk about for five minutes. They are given no preparation time. At the end of their speech, they receive feedback on grammar, organization of speech, and expression. They also give a self-assessment on how well they presented the topic of the day. Their Customized Work English topics will include GDPs, cGMPs, and upskilling.

“Every student’s pace and learning speed differs from person to person, but I have definitely seen improvement amongst all of the classes.” Says Lisa.

With these new skills under their belt, we are excited to see our members advance in their careers here at Praxis.

We would like to give a special Thank You to Lisa and the team at the Literacy Center of West Michigan for partnering with us on this opportunity. Once again, a big congratulations to our graduates. We are incredibly proud of your accomplishments!