Diversity Spotlight: Nada Sutalo & Diosmary Garcia Rodriguez

Our Diversity Spotlight focuses this week on Nada Sutalo & Diosmary Garcia Rodriguez, Training Coordinators.

L-R: Nada Sutalo, Diosmary Garcia


Why did you choose to come to America?

Nada: Because of the war that was happening in my country (ex-Yugoslavia). America seemed like a place where people are accepted regardless of who they are or where they come from. I chose to come to America because I wanted to live a normal life, and I wanted to be able to achieve goals based on my own talents and efforts. I’m very thankful that we got that chance.


How did you end up working at Praxis?

Nada: The agency that helped us after we moved to America brought me to Fleet Packaging (before it became Praxis) because they needed bilingual employees who could help translate for the Bosnian workers here. I was offered a job at that time (19 years ago!), accepted, and have been here ever since.

Diosmary: I came in through the Summer Help Program as a Packager. I was offered an opportunity to intern in the HR Department to grow my experience since I’m going to college for HR.


What do you like the most about working here?

Nada: I love the people, and I like that the company is continuously growing.

Diosmary: What I like most is that I have a chance to interact with all of the employees everyday.


How do you feel about the Diversity at Praxis?

Nada: It’s nice to see that Praxis has employees from all different parts of the world. I like hearing all of the different languages that are spoken here at work, and I like that we have so many different cultures represented here.

Diosmary: The Diversity here is great. You get a chance to meet new people that come from other parts of the world and you get to learn about their culture.


How do you think the yellow Translator lanyards have impacted work?

Diosmary: Honestly, they have had such a huge impact. Supervisors, Managers, etc. now have a better way that they can communicate with their employees. It’s also nice for the Packagers, because they now know who can translate for them just by looking for the yellow lanyards.