Diversity Spotlight: Praxis partners with the Literacy Center of West Michigan to provide free ESL classes for its employees

At Praxis, we believe in helping our members become well rounded individuals, at work and outside of work as well. Many of our members are new to America and as such, are not yet well-versed in the English language. Praxis has partnered with the Literacy Center of West Michigan to bring Free ESL Courses (Basic, Intermediate & Advanced) onto our campus for our members to take. Praxis initially offered the Basic and Intermediate courses to our members, but added Advanced classes after many of them voiced interest. Lisa Miller, their instructor, teaches our members ‘Customized Work English’. In addition to learning basic everyday vocabulary and spelling, our members also learn terminology that pertains to work at Praxis.

Members enrolled in the Basic & Intermediate classes currently meet 2 times a week over the course 20 weeks; their anticipated graduation date is this Friday, November 2, 2018. Advanced classes currently are held once a week.

To learn more about the Literacy Center, click here.