Diversity Spotlight: Sonia Solis

This week, our Diversity Spotlight highlights Sonia Solis, Food Safety & Facilities Specialist.

How do you feel about the Diversity here at Praxis?

I really like the Diversity at Praxis. My background is in Food Manufacturing, and in my experience, the workforce in that industry has been predominantly Hispanic. After coming to Praxis and learning the breakdown in percentages of the diversity here, I was surprised to learn that Asians lead our company’s workforce. I really like how diverse our workforce is because it helps our employees learn about different cultures. Each culture has a different strength that they bring to the table. Every Production line is diverse in and of itself, and it shows that we are open to any culture and heritage.

I like that we have the World Map and that we give our employees pins to place on the map. It allows us to represent our country and showcase where we’re from. We’re able to see a visual representation of people and their geographic locations, so we can go back and look up their country on our own time. I get excited when I see pins on where I’m from. I also like asking people about their culture and what languages they speak.

In addition, Diversity to me isn’t just culture based. It’s also being diverse in gender. One of the reasons I joined Praxis is because there’s a diverse group in leadership. Usually, if I know it’s only men that are in leadership positions, I’m averse to joining that company. Seeing that Praxis doesn’t discriminate on promotions based on people’s sex, gender, religion, race; it’s really refreshing. I also really like the diversity in career backgrounds as well. We get a lot of different ideas because employees have worked in different industries and we all bring something different to the table.

From the inception of our Translator Program to now, how have you seen it change?

Before the program started, it was always the same individuals translating, and when they weren’t available it was hard thinking of somebody else that could help translate. But now that we have started the Translator program, we have a variety of individuals that wear their lanyard with pride and are willing to help translate at any time. In addition, because we are a diverse company, we have many languages spoken here so our translator program includes translators for Vietnamese, Kinyarwanda or Bosnian. Since I signed up for this translator program I am able to go up to the yellow lanyard translators and get to know them. This allows me to learn about their culture and also learn a word or two in their language. Programs like these make it exciting to work at Praxis. This allows me to use my bilingual translating skills to help our Praxis family.