Nailing the Product Launch (3 Considerations)

The initial stage of a new product launch can be a make or break point in the product life cycle. A new launch is less of a single point in the process and more of a multi-step plan. A strong, memorable impression in the consumer’s mind will lead to increased awareness, trails, purchases and eventually brand loyal users. On the other side, a poor launch can lead to poor product performance, low sales, reduced ROI and unhappy consumers.

Nothing is simple about the product launch process. There are a lot of moving pieces. Look at some of the most successful launches in a company’s history. What do they have in common? They all had a plan – from idea conception, to packaging design to distribution. While the following steps aren’t inclusive, they will provide a general sense on how to make the product launch great.

product launch

Match the product to a market need

This one is simple, yet incredibly complex. For your product or service to leave a lasting, sustainable impression, it has to address a consumer’s pain. It has to solve a problem. Knowing the market need is not done without research, lots of research. Research includes knowing the audience, competitors and financial position.

Create packaging that sends a clear and consistent message

Effective product positioning is best done when the benefits (not features) and capabilities are laid out in a perfectly clear manner, for this, it is key to have the best order fulfillment solutions available. It should be simple and significant. Simple enough as to not muddle the message or confuse the consumer and significant enough to have permanence in the consumer’s mind. In today’s retail environment, shopper attention is at a premium. The packaging needs to reflect your organization’s commitment to fulfill a need. The folks at California based Marketing & Branding Agency, Incitrio, had this to say:

Make the Packaging Part of the Experience: Everyone enjoys opening up a new Samsung, Microsoft, or Apple product. It is because these companies really spend time on the unveiling of the product, both through their advertising efforts and for their packaging.”

Timing is everything

Timing just isn’t the right place at the right time. Timing is ensuring that all aspects of the launch are on-schedule and ready for implementation. Timing is also having the foresight to realize that if certain aspects of the launch aren’t ready, the plug may need to be pulled to avoid a much larger problem.

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