Let us help make your retail product stand out in your customer’s mind.

Praxis offers a variety of packaging options for retail customers who offer their products directly to consumers. Praxis works in accordance with your merchandising and marketing programs to find the perfect solution. Quite often in the retail world, you only have a moment’s notice to capture the customers attention. Choosing the right medium to showcase the product is important.

This is why at Praxis we can provide a multitude of cartoning and displays options for any type of product. Also consider combining cartons and displays to ensure your products are not only well-packaged but also effectively showcased in-store, capturing the attention of customers and influencing their purchasing decisions.

Variety Beer Packaging

Great Lakes Region breweries and beyond can count on Praxis to get their products back into their distribution networks quickly so their lines can focus on what they do best with no sacrifice to quality.

Our line has quick turnarounds and rotation in or out of your seasonal varietals in variety packs that increase your customers’ experience with your line of brews/beers.

To learn more about our Variety Beer Packaging, read our case study, Custom-Built Packaging Line Perfect for Craft Brew Retail Variety Packs.

Our dedicated line is capable of:

  • Collating up to 4 different flavors for your promotional or seasonal needs.
  • 25,000 units of 12 packs per day
  • Flexibility and can be modified to accommodate larger variety pack sizes such as 15 and 24 packs.