How to Ensure Retail Ready Packaging Hits the Mark

The retail landscape is incredibly dynamic. Today, high volume, fast moving consumer goods have become the focal point of the retail world. Big box stores in-particular, have captured the value in providing retail ready packaging.

retail ready packaging

Retail Ready Packaging Considerations

Through retail ready packaging, retailers have been able to eliminate time spent on restocking and “facing up” products on the shelf. Large corrugated boxes, end-cap displays and free standing displays are a few examples of retail ready packaging that have become increasingly popular. The specific type of retail-ready package for the project depends on the retail environment where the products will live, but there are many factors to consider.

Maximize User Experience

Like most products, create it with the consumer in mind. Your packaging should not only be easy to unpack and stock, but appealing as well. Also consider ease-of-use, as far as opening the primary product packaging and removing it from the retail ready packaging. Ensure that the packaging has congruence with the product. This often means avoiding clunky, or excessive material.

Invest in Marketing

Simplicity. Make sure the product relevant information is the focus. The artwork should fit inside the parameters required by the package and the equipment. In addition, the artwork must be repeatable with colors that can be readily and easily matched. This also helps build brand consistency. Keep in mind that product packaging can be fluid, so investing in a packaging partner that has the flexibility to meet several designs is important.

Maximize Retail Staff Experience

Like maximizing consumer experience, the key is to keep it simple. Making the packaging intuitive allows for easy in-store assembly – try to avoid elaborate instructions or multiple step guidelines. Instead, include helpful graphics and easy to follow instructions. If the product has to be manually loaded onto a material handling equipment, a shelf hook, or a shelf, make it a simple process by using Electronic Shelf Labels to keep track of the products. Also, make sure that you use a wire shelving system in your warehouse storage for easy tracking and monitoring of your inventories. The easier the packaging works with the retail staff, the more likely it is to be a success.

Supplier Partnerships

Work closely with this companies like the freight transport auckland company in order to optimize the retail product SKUs and features before starting. Understanding every component of a customer’s requirements is crucial in order to deliver the best packaging possible. Asking questions and consulting with your supplier can help uncover new wants or needs before the product is launched.

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