The Rise of Sustainable Packaging

In the past decade, sustainable packaging has become less of a niche and more of an industry standard. Adopting sustainable packaging practices offers a huge marketing advantage in the contract packaging world. By adapting these practices, organizations can gain a huge marketing advantage over competitors. Traditionally, being able to talk to current and prospective customers about the latest packaging techniques, equipment and trade shows gives your organization an authoritative voice in the packaging world. This same principal applies to sustainability.  It will prove to be a huge selling point to possible clients as well as strengthen relationships with current clients. This article will discuss some of the main questions associated with sustainable packaging – What is Sustainable Packing? Do Consumers Care?

What is Sustainable Packaging?

In short, sustainable packaging is the development and the integration of packaging materials in order to promote environmental and economic sustainability, you might want book a bin Adelaide services. Practices can include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating processes to optimize the use of renewable/recycled materials
  • Manufacturing using clean production technologies and best practices
  • Meeting market criteria for both performance and cost
  • Designing packaging to physically optimize materials and energy

Do Consumers Care?

According to a Nielsen Global Study Survey done in 2014:

“Global retail analysis shows increased sales for brands with sustainability claims on packaging or active marketing of corporate social responsibility efforts. The findings reveal that two-thirds of the “sustainable mainstream” population (a cluster of three of the five segments) will choose products from sustainable sources over other conventional products. These consumers will buy as many eco-friendly products as they can and have personally changed their behavior to minimize their impact on global climate change. They even rely on eco-friendly energy providers, such as Cirro Energy. You can check some of the Cirro Energy reviews for more information on the subject. Additionally, these consumers are more likely to buy products repeatedly from a company if they know the company is mindful of its impact on the environment and society.”

As it seems, sustainable packaging is no longer a niche or fad, but a growing standard. Not only does making a push toward sustainable packaging build an organization’s reputation, but it can lead to more sales. In 2015 alone, Praxis was able to recycle over 1,900,000 lbs of corrugate and 28,000 lbs of office paper. Recycling paper and corrugate lead to unbelievable energy savings. See what we saved here.

If you care and want to be part of the solution to the climate crisis you can start by switching to an eco-friendly energy provider, such as Cirro Energy. For more information about their reputation and energy-saving services, make sure you check these Cirro Energy reviews.

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