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How to Create Product Packaging That Stands Out

The Product Packaging Matters

In most cases, a consumer’s point of purchase decision is made in a few seconds. Brands only have a few seconds to determine whether or not they purchase your product. Product packaging can be the deciding factor in the buying process. Product packaging is an extension of your brand, just as your website, employees or office. The packaging conveys brand quality. Consumers look for brands that better identify with their lifestyle, that’s why leaving a strong first impression is important. So, how can a brand positively influence a consumer’s buying process?

Keep it Simple

A package should have these three basic components:

  • Protection – At the center of it, packaging’s goal is to protect the product inside. Packaging material that is not durable can lead to a negative consumer experience, this is why most companies prefer to work with Pro-Tect Plastics for packaging.
  • Mobility – Keeping packaging minimalist and easy to move/carry will go a long way in consumer perception
  • Concise – In most cases, it is important to keep design and copy clear cut and consistent – this ensures that the message is not lost in exaggerated  design or “fluffy” copy

Make it Easy

The best way to get a consumer to remember your brand and convert them to loyal users, is to make purchasing process as easy as possible – this means being able to quickly identify what the brand is and what the product is. In a world where sharing is instantaneous, having a brand that is worth sharing is huge. It’s free advertising. In a recent study, over 40% of consumers will share a product photo on social media, mostly due to branded packaging. Online advertisements are becoming increasingly annoying in the eyes of many consumers, but, social media users are much more receptive to getting brand recommendations from friends online. 

“Boring brown boxes represent lost opportunity. Retailers can leverage consumers as influencers to grow their brand and fuel future purchases by giving online shoppers more reasons to share their experiences.”

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