starter kits

The Power of Sample and Starter Kits

Sample kits and starter kits are a great way to introduce new products to a new market. They create interest, deliver key brand messaging, inform on product attributes and also have a permanency effect. In a world where consumers are constantly being hit with information, something stands out when a tangible piece of packaging that displays how a new product is used. Sample kits don’t get tossed in the trash the way a redundant mailer or automated email might. They engage the consumer.

Creating Interest

A piece of mail came across my desk the other day. It was from a business card company. Inside the envelope was a multi-fold brochure with 6 different “mock” business cards – each one with a different appeal. Immediately, even though I may not be in the market for business cards, I’m interested in what they have to say. Infact customer focus should be your number one concern when starting out. It differed from just a piece of direct junk mail because of its elaborateness. It had substance!

Brand Messaging

The front of brochure delivered a quick message on who they were, what they did and how they did it. They kept it simple and clear cut. I assume they realized that their target was short on time and they only had a few moments to get their message across. On the back included contact information and how they could be of service.

Product Attributes

Along with the business card samples, was a quick summary on the different benefits of that specific business card. So, not only did the brochure give a description of the company and why they were the best in the industry, but it gave useful insight on all of the business cards included in the brochure.


One of the biggest pluses of sending a direct mail sample kit or starter kit, is the permanency. It’s kind of a crazy phenomenon, but in most cases, you almost feel guilty throwing it in the trash because of the amount of effort it probably took to put together. It just looks good! So, while you might not be in the market for a product at the time you receive it, it will probably still be on your desk when you are.

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