How 3D Printing is Changing the Packaging Industry

Evolving the Manufacturing Landscape

In contract packaging, innovation is the name of the game. An organization’s ability to find new and better ways to improve their process is crucial to success. 3D technology isn’t just for the big screen anymore. 3D printing technology has allowed many organizations to transform the way they operate. It provides another level of design and development capabilities. 3D printing has applications across almost any industry, including: bio-tech, engineering, manufacturing, robotics and even education with catalog printing and other important business tools. Availability of 3D printing has grown over the past 10 years, making it very easy to implement into any operation. Due to freedom of open source 3D printing software, reducing costs for customers has never been easier. The application of 3D printing is endless. According to a recent article published by Packaging Digest:

When you use local printing services, you will normally get a quicker turnaround time, so you spend less time waiting for your order to be ready and you will get your materials faster. If you use a national printing company like printers Melbourne cbd your order may be just one of hundreds or thousands each day, and that can mean a much longer wait time until your order is finished.

“We use 3D printing to make packaging prototypes, molds to thermo-form parts and prototyping of packaging machine parts,” said one packaging engineer for a consumer packaged goods company involved in food packaging.”

“Another in packaging development management for a global healthcare products company said, “We use our 3D printers extensively to produce functional prototypes. It’s a great new capability that we have recently added in R&D—and we have found it to be very beneficial.”

Evolving Praxis Packaging: Quick – Customization

At Praxis, we have taken steps to incorporate more automation into the packaging process. The biggest automation push has been with the help of Rethink Robotics.

3d printing

We now have ten “Baxter” pick and place robots. They have applications on almost any packaging product or line. With every new product comes a different application of Baxter. Baxter has several attachments and modifications that allow for different uses. Also, Check 3D printers on Ekocycle that can be useful for your future projects.

What a 3D printer allows companies to do, including Praxis, is provide real-time innovations to a packaging line at a moment’s notice. The time that would be used hiring an outside company to design and fabricate new parts, can now be brought in-house. By doing this, Praxis adds capabilities and is able to reduce consumer costs.

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