Custom blistering solutions: versatile blister packaging for solid dose pharmaceuticals

At Praxis, providing innovative and efficient packaging solutions is our passion and expertise. That’s why we offer a variety of FDA-compliant blister packaging solutions for various tablets, capsules, and soft gels. We can meet the demand for safe packing that maintains the integrity of the solid dose product and convenience to the end-user.

Our dedicated tablet fill team and our fast and cost-efficient blister machines enable pharmaceutical, medical, animal health, and consumer product customers to accelerate their timelines to get their products to market faster.

Praxis offers endless blister options that protect your product from contamination in pristine finished packages.

Blister packaging is a superior choice for tablet and pill packaging due to its safety benefits, convenience, and high compliance and medication adherence performance. It is also cost-effective and alleviates space and inventory concerns.

At Praxis, our solid dose blistering lines offer the latest technologies and the most flexible options to fit your needs. No other kind of packaging offers as much design flexibility, marketing options, and consumer benefits.

Just a few of our solid dose blister applications include

  • Capsules, Tablets & Caplets
  • Gelcaps & Geltabs
  • Soft and Hard Gels
  • Lozenges, Troches & Chewables
  • Dose Packs

Why choose Praxis for solid dose blister packaging?

✓ Versatility

Whether you’re packaging tablets, capsules, or soft gels, Praxis offers a comprehensive range of solid dose blister packaging solutions. Our solid dose blistering lines, equipped with the latest technologies, provide the most flexible options tailored to your needs.

✓ FDA-compliant

At Praxis, safety and product integrity always come first. Our packaging processes adhere to stringent FDA regulations, ensuring that every blister package we produce meets the highest quality and safety standards.

✓ Precision & Quality

Leveraging our advanced machinery and a team of experts, Praxis ensures precision in every blistering project. From the design phase to the final product, every detail is managed with the utmost care.

✓ End-to-End Solutions

Beyond just blister packaging, Praxis offers a holistic approach to pharmaceutical packaging. From the initial consultation to the final delivery, we stand by our clients as a trusted partner, ensuring seamless and efficient packaging solutions.

Additional services

> Expert consulting

> Package design & development

> Inspection & rework solutions

> Serialization & aggregation

Speak with our expert team about solid dose blister packaging

At Praxis, our commitment goes beyond the packaging. Our team of experts is dedicated to understanding the unique requirements of solid dose blister packaging and ensuring that every solution we provide meets the highest standards of quality, safety, and compliance.

Whether you’re considering blistering for tablets, capsules, or soft gels, we possess the knowledge, technology, and dedication to ensure impeccable quality and compliance. Are you curious about our tailor-made solid dose blister packaging solutions? Reach out to us today. Let’s discuss how Praxis can transform and elevate your blister packaging requirements.

Speak with our team about Solid Dose Blistering

Sarah Faison

Sales & Marketing

Senior Director of Sales & Marketing

Sarah uses her deep understanding of every Praxis system and procedure to continually add blue chip companies to our client list.
She is great at controlling a project from beginning to end and keeping the customer informed on important details. She has 20+ years of experience at Praxis and is at the center of our substantial growth.

Sarah holds a B.A.Sc in Psychology from Cornerstone University.

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