Transform your packaging with premium bottle-filling solutions

At Praxis, we aim to provide innovative and efficient packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods, food and nutrition industries. Leveraging the specialized knowledge of our subsidiary, Unette, our expertise in filling sets us apart from the competition.

We can solve your challenging bottling requirements, no matter your individual needs.

From simple to sophisticated, we have the experience and filling capabilities.

Our advanced bottling infrastructure boasts 16 state-of-the-art lines designed for quick changeovers. These adaptable lines can accommodate various closures, labels, and secondary packaging options. To ensure quality products, each line can be validated to verify compliance with customer specifications.

And we don’t just stop at bottling. In addition to our state-of-the-art contract bottle-filling services, we offer precision label application, multi-labeling, and induction sealing to tamper-evident seals, inert gas blanketing, and lot & batch jet coding. We also offer spray pump insertion and snapping under vacuum.

Why choose Praxis for commercial bottling services?

✓ Industry-leading expertise

Drawing from the specialized knowledge of Unette, we offer unmatched expertise in contract bottle-filling. Our legacy is built on decades of experience, ensuring we stay ahead of the curve and set industry standards.

✓ FDA-compliant

Safety and compliance are at the core of our operations. Our bottling processes strictly adhere to FDA regulations, guaranteeing that every product we handle meets the pinnacle of quality and safety standards.

✓ Precision & quality

Our commitment to precision is unwavering. With advanced machinery and a dedicated team, we ensure that every bottling project is executed with meticulous attention to detail, from label application to induction sealing.

✓ Versatile bottling solutions

From simple to sophisticated, our capabilities span a wide range of bottles and jars. Whether water-like products or thick creams and pastes, we have the expertise and machinery to cater to diverse commercial needs.

Our bottle-filling capabilities include:

  • Various styles of bottles and jars, from simple to sophisticated
  • 1 mL to 1-gallon bottles
  • A range of viscosities, from water-like products to thick creams and pastes
  • Dual-phase filling
  • ‘Souffle’ effects in jars

Additional services

> Expert consulting

> Package design & development 

> Inspection & rework solutions

> Serialization & aggregation

Speak with our expert team about our contract bottling services

At Praxis, our commitment goes beyond providing packaging solutions. We’re dedicated to understanding the unique bottling requirements of each client and delivering solutions that meet and exceed expectations. Our legacy, built on decades of industry-leading expertise and the specialized knowledge of Unette, ensures that we bring unparalleled proficiency to every project.

Whether you’re looking to bottle water-like products, thick creams, pastes, or any other commercial product, our state-of-the-art facilities and expert team guarantee precision, compliance, and quality at every stage. Curious about how Praxis can transform your bottle packaging?

Reach out to us today. Let’s discuss how Praxis can craft the perfect bottle and jar solution tailored to your needs.

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Chris Doscher


Executive Vice President

Chris is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Praxis subsidiary Unette (Randolph, NJ) overseeing all its departments.
His experience and thorough knowledge of Unette’s operations allow him to successfully drive performance through innovation and technology.

Chris received his Bachelors of Science degree in Accountancy from Villanova University.

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