Tailored bottling solutions: FDA-compliant, versatile, and quality-assured

At Praxis, we offer a variety of FDA-compliant solid dose packaging solutions for tablets, capsules, and soft gels. Our options include bottling for different dosages in a wide range of bottle sizes and shapes. We can meet the demand for various tablets and quantity capabilities using many different cap types. When you work with Praxis, we ensure that medications are safely stored, protected from external contaminants, and easily dispensed to patients.

We have the people and equipment to get your product quickly and safely to market.

Praxis brings a higher level of expertise, skill, and confidence to every solid dose bottling project. No two jobs are the same. That’s why it’s important to choose our dedicated tablet fill team that is cGMP-trained and compliant. Recruited from throughout big pharma, the team is deeply experienced, knowledgeable, and capable.

At Praxis, we take great pride in using the industry’s best machinery and equipment. Each of our sites leverages well-established, industry-standard packaging equipment such as PharmaWorks, Allen Bradley, Mettler, Lakso, Kaps-All, Enercon, Weiler, ePedigree, and Videojet, to name just a few.

Why choose Praxis for solid dose bottling?

We are committed to giving our customers world-class, best-in-industry packaging services. We At Praxis, we offer versatile bottling solutions you can count on.

✓ FDA-compliant

At Praxis, we prioritize patient safety and product integrity. Our bottling processes adhere to stringent FDA regulations, ensuring that every bottle we produce meets the highest standards of quality and safety.

✓ Versatility

Whether you’re looking to package tablets, capsules, or soft gels, Praxis offers a full range of solid dose packaging solutions. Our capabilities extend to various bottle sizes, shapes, and cap types, catering to diverse pharmaceutical needs.

✓ Precision & quality

With our advanced machinery and expert team, Praxis guarantees precision in every bottling project. From selecting the right bottle size to ensuring accurate dosage counts, we manage every detail with utmost care.

✓ End-to-end solutions

Beyond just bottling, Praxis provides comprehensive packaging solutions. From initial consultation to final delivery, we’re your trusted partner in pharmaceutical packaging.

✓ High-speed tablet filling

Our high-speed tablet filling line supports compliant, efficient filling and packaging of a multitude of SKUs, as well as high-volume projects. Our tablet fill line can fill:

  • 200 containers/minute
  • 12,000/hour
  • 96,000/shift
  • 288,000/day

With Praxis’ demand-driven scheduling, we can manage tablet fill runs by the minute, allowing faster responses to demand variations that ensure launch and delivery deadlines are met.

Additional services

> Expert consulting

> Package design & development

> Inspection & rework solutions

> Serialization & aggregation

Speak with our expert team about solid dose bottling

At Praxis, our mission is to leverage our expertise to rapidly bring every project to market on time, following regulatory and quality standards, as well as customer expectations. Providing packaging solutions is our passion and expertise, and our team is dedicated to understanding your bottling needs and delivering solutions that exceed expectations.

Whether you’re exploring bottling options for tablets, capsules, or soft gels, we have the expertise and technology to ensure quality and compliance at every step. Interested in learning more about our custom solid dose bottling solutions? Contact us today, and our team will discuss how Praxis can elevate your solid dose bottling needs.

Speak with our team about Solid Dose Bottling

Scott Hanmer

Praxis Packaging Solutions

Senior Vice President

Scott is focused on commercialization, sales, and customer-focused integration efforts, and providing leadership for all groups.
He joined Praxis in 2002 as Sales Manager, formulating a lasting, successful business model. During his 20 years of leadership, Praxis has routinely achieved and exceeded operational and sales goals, including double-digit sales growth over the last several years.

Scott earned his BBA in Marketing/Economics from Western Michigan University.

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