Visually appealing samples and starter kits are a great way to introduce new products.

Kits create interest, deliver key brand messaging, and inform on product attributes — all in one kit.

Kits can also be a complex challenge to package. One ill-advised design or missing piece and the kit loses its impact. The kit needs to leave an impression, and create interest.

Consumer attention is rapidly decreasing, making the construction and message of the kit that much more important. At Praxis, we understand that designing and putting together the “puzzle” of a kit is the key to its success. Let us help you create the perfect sample kit.

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Sarah Faison

Sales & Marketing

Director of Sales & Marketing

Sarah uses her deep understanding of every Praxis system and procedure to continually add blue chip companies to our client list.
She is great at controlling a project from beginning to end and keeping the customer informed on important details. She has 20+ years of experience at Praxis and is at the center of our substantial growth.

Sarah holds a B.A.Sc in Psychology from Cornerstone University.

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