Innovation at the Forefront

Innovation means never settling for the status quo. We are constantly working to find big ideas that improve results for our customers.  This drive for continuous improvement has led to innovative solutions like adding collaborative robots, who work side-by-side with our production teams, to improve the speed, accuracy and output of our production lines.  It also has resulted in an improved Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that allows us to move 43% more pallets in the same amount of time.

Maximizing Efficiency

Innovation is core to our culture at Praxis. We use multi-functional teams to analyze each project and line to make sure they are running as efficiently as possible — making line-by-line and minute-by-minute improvements on how the line workers and equipment are set up to increase the speed and efficiency of each project.

Whether it is adding state-of-the-art collaborative robotic technology or simply sound production practices like making line set-up improvements, our innovative nature leads to optimal runs and optimal results for our customers.

As a result, we get your products packaged and shipped more efficiently and more accurately than virtually any other packaging solutions provider.