Flexible pouches with protective laminates are ideal for food and non-food products.

Praxis offers a wide range of stand-up pouches that keep your brand front and center with large printable areas. Flexible pouches are cost effective and can bring big money savings since they take up minimal space for shipping, storage, and display.

Consumers love them because of their easy-to-use resealable closures and their on-the-go convenience to bring them along to wherever they are needed. Using flexible pouches can also help reduce your carbon footprint versus using containers and cartons.

Speak with our team about Flexible Pouches

Scott Hanmer

Praxis Packaging Solutions

Senior Vice President

Scott is focused on commercialization, sales, and customer-focused integration efforts, and providing leadership for all groups.
He joined Praxis in 2002 as Sales Manager, formulating a lasting, successful business model. During his 20 years of leadership, Praxis has routinely achieved and exceeded operational and sales goals, including double-digit sales growth over the last several years.

Scott earned his BBA in Marketing/Economics from Western Michigan University.

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