Quality Assured FDA & EMA Compliance

Our tablet fill line is 100% accurate, 100% of the time. We deliver the right counts, precise sealing, correct labels and use-by dates every time, for every order by using industrial automation services. Producing anything but quality assured product just isn’t an option.

We provide 100% assurance that all customer specifications are being met through documented equipment qualifications, packaging validations, supplier quality management program/vendor qualifications, performance checks, and cleaning validations.

With FDA compliance, Praxis can ensure to regulating agencies and clients we are producing conforming product. Our world-class quality and control solutions include automated and manual in-process checks, and a
product control and segregation system for cGMP-compliant accountability and control.

We also use Single Use Loggers to monthly monitor the temperature controls, humidity, & air quality testing for total particulate and micro counts.