Designed to work flexibly with secondary packaging capability, the high speed tablet filling line supports compliant, efficient filling and packaging of a multitude of SKUs, as well as high volume projects.

Demand-driven scheduling manages tablet fill runs minute-by-minute, allowing faster responses to demand variations and assurance that launch or delivery deadlines will be met.

Our tablet fill line can fill up to 200 containers/minute (or 12,000/hour, 96,000/shift, or 288,000/day).

Built in 2005 and sourced from global Big Pharma, the line features the following:

  • Speeds up to 200 containers / minute
  • Allen Bradley Panel View Plus HMIs
  • Lakso 990 Tablet Filler
  • Mettler Toledo Metal Detector
  • Kaps-All GC-8 capper
  • Omega Design Unscrambler
  • Fowler Products CA-8 360 retorquer
  • Enercon Induction Sealer
  • Weiler PRL 1500L S10 high-speed labeler
  • Systech Sentri Vision System
  • Electronic pedigree (ePedigree) capable
  • Videojet thermal print system

In 2019 we expanded and added a second high speed tablet filling line capable of up 200 containers / minute. Check out the unveiling here!

In 2020 we expanded again and installed our third line. This one also capable of 200 containers / minute.